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    New Roofs

    No building is complete without a roof. Why? Roofs are an integral part of every building, and they make buildings look quite beautiful and attractive. At Chigwell Roofing, we specialize in roofs and install them for a variety of clients. We handle both residential and commercial roofing work for our clients.

    Our skilled and highly motivated employees run roof installations for:

    1. New Builds: We are always happy to install new flat or pitched roofs for our clients, be it commercial or domestic.
    2. Extensions And Flats: Our clients are well-trained and highly motivated to install high quality guttering for extensions, as well as fitted new roofs for extensions and flats. We makes sure that we meet up with the standards of our clients.
    3. Lofts: We will make sure that your new roofs for lofts match the existing roofs on your property.
    4. Commercial And Domestic Roofs: We are willing and happy to take any type of roof project, be it big or small. Our belief is that every roof is installed to the highest standard, and that is all we do at Chigwell Roofing.
    5. Local Authorities And Hospitals: We believe that, as install new roofs and provide other unique roofing services to local authorities and hospitals, we can give back to our community. So, it is a great opportunity for us to provide roofs and roofing services to local authorities and hospitals.
    6. Schools: At Chigwell Roofing, our ethos is that roofs are well installed in schools so that safety can be ensured at all times. We ascribe much importance to the issue of safety, especially in schools, and we always believe that schools should have safe roofs.
    7. Letting And Estate Agents: We engage estate agents and run roof maintenance and restore roofs on chosen properties that are to be sold at a later time.

    So, feel free to contact us for your roofing projects, especially if you live in East London or any of its surrounding areas. We will be eager and happy to help you fix your roof projects, either big or small. We ensure that our clients are carried along about the whole services we provide, and we are committed to ensure that our customers derive satisfaction from our services. Our duty at Chigwell Roofing is to provide the highest standard of roofing works for our teeming clients.

  • Our New Roof Services include: